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With us, you can bring your green gases directly from the farm to the street. We provide you with the right contractual partner for the purchase of Bio-LNG, Bio-LCO2 and the greenhouse gas quota
– in a spirit of partnership, transparency and fairness.

The marketing concept is as individual as you and your corporate strategy. Here, too, we pursue both the economic and the regional idea.

Our expertise and practical experience set us apart. Benefit from our market knowledge and our network, consisting of mineral oil companies, filling station operators, industrial gas companies and other market participants, authorities and associations.

  • Individual marketing concepts

  • Market-driven prices

  • Exclusive and comfortable

  • Transparent advice

  • Support with contractual
    Verification and notification obligations

Areas of application for refined gases

(Liquefied Natural Gas)

  • Reduction of emissions in the mobility sector through climate-friendly and sustainable production from biogas
  • Attractive and economical biofuel with a long range for heavy goods traffic

  • Use as a fuel for innovative cycles in agriculture
  • Most environmentally friendly solution for maritime freight and passenger transport

(Liquefied Carbon Dioxode)

  • Better yields in greenhouses through controlled addition ofCO2

  • Use for protective packaging

  • Production of “power to liquid” fuels, such as green kerosene or other synthetic fuels (so-called “e-fuels”)

  • Production of dry ice, use as a cooling medium

  • Production of “green” carbon dioxide