Occupation of the new office building

Occupation of the new office building

“Stone and mortar build a house, spirit and love decorate it”.

After a successful construction phase, Ruhe Biogas Service GmbH has now moved into its new premises at the Lüsche site. The result is a unique, innovative office building that offers a perfect working atmosphere thanks to its impressive architecture and technical equipment. Based on the style of a barn, it represents the agricultural and young character of the company in combination with industrial, modern elements.


People had been waiting for this moment for a long time. The construction work of the new office building of Ruhe Biogas Service GmbH was completed at the end of March and the employees could finally move into their new offices. From the groundbreaking in July 2022, an architectural masterpiece has been created piece by piece, which fits perfectly into the surrounding landscape as an ideal complement to the existing office building of Ruhe Agrar GmbH.

Short review – The topping out ceremony

The topping-out ceremony was already celebrated in the fall of 2022. At this important milestone in the construction phase, the owner thanked the craftsmen, construction workers and everyone involved. Traditionally, a tree was decorated with bows and a topping-out crown and ceremoniously hoisted onto the roof. Together with employees and neighbors, the party was followed by an extensive celebration.

Premises and technical equipment

Spacious offices with state-of-the-art technology are found inside the building. The large windows provide plenty of daylight and create a welcome working atmosphere. The whole has become a place that invites to work but also to feel good. In the “Tenne” the traditional common breakfast of the employees takes place every morning at 09:30. Collaborative spaces such as lounges and conference rooms encourage high-performance, interactive teamwork.

The technical equipment is another highlight. The office building enables efficient and productive work thanks to a fast Internet connection, video conferencing systems and a modern IT infrastructure.


As an energy producer, it is a particular concern of Ruhe Biogas Service GmbH to set a sustainable positive example for the future. The building was designed to be completely energy self-sufficient.

Plenty of space

The offices offer space for about 30 employees. Due to the strong growth of the company, additional employees are currently being sought. So if you are looking for a collegial and familiar team, a pleasant working atmosphere and exciting tasks, you should be quick and apply!

You want to become part of a dynamic, growing team and shape the energy transition and future of biogas plants with us?

Please use the link below and send us your CV, qualifications and a short letter of motivation. Don’t worry: you don’t have to write a novel. Not a short story either. Just a few sentences about yourself, how you work, and your goals. We look forward to seeing you!